Nathalie's Sentimental Secondhand Style

Sleek style and flirty femininity come together seamlessly in junior Fashion Merchandising student, Nathalie Santis’ closet. While incorporating classics and staples in her wardrobe, Santis’ style is far from basic. Accessories shine in her collection; from bags to belts to the perfect shoes.

Nathalie often plays with classic silhouettes and elevates outfits with dimensional texture. She ensures each of her looks is completed with her favorite jewelry, and a hat if she’s feeling bold. With personal style icons such as the princess of fashion, Bella Hadid, and the iconic 2000s style of the Olsen twins, there is never a shortage of inspiration.  

For Santis, picking out an outfit for the day is often an hour of dress up; soundtracked by Madonna’s biggest hits booming from her iPod’s speaker. She transports back to her first fashion memory of playing dress up in her mom’s closet; instead these are now her clothes that she gets to explore. With the exception of a few pairs of her moms vintage shoes and hand-me-down 2000s clothes; some things never change.  

She is truly a Bratz doll come to life, with her never ending trove of accessories, and the rarity of her repeating an outfit. Nathalie puts meticulous time and effort into each of her looks, and you’ll never catch her dressed down (especially in her fashion arch nemesis, leggings). 

All of her clothing holds value, whether it’s something she picked up at the thrift store on her monthly shopping trips, or a pre-loved garment that was passed down from her mom’s best friends. Santis has effortlessly perfected her style, which she describes as trendy, neutral and chic, with the help of her style icons and beloved family members.