Far Out In The Sixties

Vibrant and bold colors, silhouettes that catch the eye seemingly without trying, and patterns that make you question what time period you’re really in – these are all aspects of the infamous 1960s Mod Fashion. 

Megan Kesner

Megan Kesner

A bright sunny day in Richmond was nothing short of ideal for the shoot – the blue sky posed as an accessory in the perfect blue hue for this era. It’s ironic though, considering the birth of Mod fashion was in London, a city commonly known for its rainy weather. 

The Start of “Mod” 

60s Mod Fashion can be described as a revolution that originated in London, driven by the youth. Mod, an abbreviation from “Modernist”, was coined in the 1950s. Despite the fashion, it’s associated with having its moment the following decade.


During the tumultuous decade, politics were changing, young people wanted to be seen and be able to express themselves in a new way, and they were attempting to free themselves of the traditional expectations from previous generations. What better way to express a change of attitude than with fashion? Instead of muted and pale tones that were seen in the 50s, bright colors and bold patterns were making their way onto the scene. 

 Infamous Trailblazers


A trailblazer of the time and of the whole Mod fashion insurgence is none other than Mary Quant. She opened up a boutique in Chelsea in 1955, shortly after this would be the birth of the “London Look”.  Her simple designs of A-line style dresses, in shorter lengths than had been seen before and in brighter colors, were soon everywhere. She styled these dresses with colored tights as well, another fashion piece that was introduced in the 60s, saying goodbye to stockings and garters. 


Other designers that are contributors similar to Quant in the Mod Fashion scene are Barbara Hulanicki, Pierre Cardin, Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin, as well as André Courrèges, and Michael Fish. 

A Closer Look At Styling


For this shoot, we had the privilege of styling the models with a local business – Bygones. A vintage clothing store located in the heart of Carytown. The internal setup of Bygones is something similar to a fashion lover’s dream – vintage pieces separated by the decade lining the walls.


Each piece chosen takes us back in time to the far out 60s. Each one is paired with the necessities for a Mod look: tights, sunglasses or belts, and effortlessly cool hairstyles and makeup looks.


As the warm spring weather makes a staggering entrance this season, there is no doubt the trends of the 60s will be sneaking into our closets. Embrace all the funky accessories, asymmetrical silhouettes, colored tights and the fun that comes with the styles of decade known for peace, love, and rock and roll. 


Creative Director: Carolina Gomez
Junior Creative Director: Alyssa Carman
Photoset Assistant/Outreach: Kristina Wise
Photography: Summer Deciucis and Carolina Gomez
Makeup & Hair: Amaris Bowers, Summer Deciucis
Models: Jaylyn Johnson, Julia Sweeney, Ella Crowe, Grace Blair