Story and Photos by Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez
Story and Photos by Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez

Styled by Dom Khun
Styled by Dom Khun

Few lead a life as full, as colorful or as unapologetic as Mexican painter and liver-of-life-extraordinaire
Frida Kahlo
. She was born in Coyoacan Mexico City, Mexico in 1907 in the Casa Azul, which now functions as a museum and stands as vibrant as the life she lived.

RCFU’s take on the artist’s free spirited, unconventional sense of style required a sense of daring creativity and a love of color.

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You can easily put a modern twist on Frida’s signature look by employing a milkmaid braid, or even space buns! Creating your own DIY flower crown can be fun, and with spring right around the corner, you can hand-pick real (or fake) flowers to bobby-pin into your mane to pay homage to Frida’s floral elegance.  If a full-on flower crown is a bit much for your occasion, opt for bold jewelry like statement necklaces, stacked bangles and knocker earrings.


Frida Kahlo’s brow is iconic, and it just happens to be timely for the fuller brow trend that’s been happening lately. Pair your thick or natural brows with a bold red lip and you’ll be sure to stand out.


In her youth, Frida was known to buck the system and challenge classical gender roles. She would even don
on occasion. Try your hand at breaking the “rules” by incorporating menswear pieces such as
into your look. You can balance out your look with a
or printed top and even throw on a scarf or
for added sophistication, especially if worn off the shoulder for some tasteful sensuality.  

Frida Kahlo changed the game with her self-portraiture, saying once “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.” She is admired not only for her stunning and lasting body of work, but also for her strength, her resilience and her love of life. Despite living a pain-laden life from childhood to adulthood, Frida chose to live colorfully. This Women’s History Month, honor this iconic and iconoclastic woman by choosing to do the same.

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