Story by Katelyn O’Neal

Photos by Mia Navarro

On Friday, the Casual Wear Designer Fashion Show kicked off as the second show to take place during RVA Fashion Week. The show featured men’s and women’s street style and everyday fashions from designers including Kylde by Haus of Kylde, Metaya, Future Society, STitch, Is., Victim15, LaPosh, Tangee’s Closet, and Sew Uneek, in addition to the local boutique Sweetest Stitch, whom RCFU has worked with before.

Each designer delivered their own unique vibe or theme. For example, there were some very edgy collections from Future Society and Klyde by Haus of Klyde, and there were also designers with a more conservative vibe. A few big themes of the casual wear show included crochet, mesh, and denim. However, a pleasantly recurring feature was on fashion for women of all sizes, in contrast with the usual norms of the fashion industry.

Klyde by Haus of Kylde’s pieces were all cohesive throughout the colors, fabrics, and silhouettes. His collection featured cool one-pieces and fashion forward trousers.

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Metaya’s collection was vibrant with cobalt blue dresses, and fun patterns.

STitch also had flowy, vibrant pieces such as blue flowy trousers, and accent leaf prints.

House of LaPosh showed a menswear collection heavily focused on monochrome mesh pieces.

Tangee’s Closet had a collection hand-crocheted entirely by the designer, Tangee Massey Jones.