Story by Ashley Newman
Photos By Trysten Evans
RVA’s fashion week was an experience unlike any other; the moment I stepped out of the elevators, more than 15 floors up, I was taken aback by the view of Richmond. There were multiple vendors out, selling makeup, clothing, and ties. I ended up purchasing a beautiful pyrite crescent moon necklace from Tailor. I couldn’t help myself!
It was a scene out of Gossip Girlgetting dressed up and getting a press pass. I felt like Manhattan’s Elite. Not only did I get to meet local RVA bloggers and photographers, I also got the chance to see and say hi to TV actor and actress, Tim Reid, also known as Ray Campbell on the 90’s Tv show Sister, Sister was there with his wife, Daphne Maxwell Reid, who played Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel Air . Miss Richmond USA was at the show as well.

As the sun set, and the moon took its place, the show began. It was such an eventful show full of beautiful formal wear for women and men. The show started out with Stitch by Chanel, this line walked RVA and New York runways. The first model that walked down the runway strutted Stitch by Chanel’s unique black and white, moon patterned bodysuit, instantly one of my favorite pieces of the night – and the show had just begun! Stitch by Chanel rocked her use of ruffle fabric on many pieces of her clothing; ruffles were placed on sleeves, as well as ankles.

The next fashion designer to show off her Don’t Be Rude line was Destiny Howard. Her inspiration comes from allowing people to be themselves. She wants to show, through her  art, how individuals should not be mistreated based on their gender, age, race…etc. and that they should not be bullied for being different.

Howard’s line portrayed this message very well with each distinctive piece. Her pieces tended to be, purposefully, oversized, but in all the right places. Most of her pieces were topped off with an 80s plaid design stitched into the clothing or as an accessory. 

Up next was Ka’mala by Kamala Bhagat. This line was described as having that cozy feeling you get when you wrap up in a blanket on a cool fall night with earmuffs. Earmuffs were even an accessory used with this line, and I absolutely loved that. This line was one of my favorites, because I loved the pops of neon used.

I just wanted to sit by a fire with hot chocolate on a crisp fall night wearing the clothes in this line. The pieces looked like it was made out of the most comfortable blanket ever. 
Destin’ee Nicole Browne was next with DNB. This line was full of timeless style with different shades of black, gold, and navy paired together. This was another one of my favorites, seeing as my entire wardrobe is basically all black. Browne had a prominent use of feathers in her line, which was another aspect of this line that I loved.
I also loved how Browne sent the models out wearing all black, a look I feel like people avoid. The gold pieces in this line were some of the most sparkly pieces I’ve ever seen and It was almost blinding under the lights, in a good way of course!
Salome Autolino was next with Salome Styles. I was actually sitting next to Salome the whole time without knowing, until she walked down the runway herself (like the other designers) to show the crowd who was behind the beautiful clothing. Autolino used many beautiful warm colors as well as deep blues and greens and purples. She had a variety of color in her line. She also used really prepossessing embroidery in mostly all of her designs. 

Up next was a new designer to RVA’s Fashion Week and her name was Amanda Welch with her Collection X line. Leather was prominent part of this line. Welch’s inspiration was straight structure and power, and leather is definitely a great way of showing structure and power. Her designs also had very beautiful gold accents. Welch also presented the first male look of the night, which was exciting to say the least. 
House of Laposh by India Laposh was next with her beautiful sequin designs. These designs were very elegant and very modern. The last dress in this line had people going absolutely crazy. The model walked out looking like cinderella in her big, beautiful, white dress . It was a dress straight out of a fairy tale, happily ever after included.
ToFreeyouStyle by Charissa George was next and this line consisted of bold patterns and clean lines. All the designs can be mixed and matched for a variety of styles and can be custom made in the color of your choice. George used the colors red and white for all of her designs in the show. The line definitely had a lot of bold, geometric patterns. Some of the designs were very casual, while others were very elegant, and I liked that balance.
Next was Angelia’s Couture by Angelia Cooper. Cooper used neutral colors with yellow and gold shades throughout her line. Cooper also presented men fashion, the second line of the night to do so. Through the end of her show, she brought out some beautiful black dresses, some of which were exceptionally sparkly under the lights. 
VII walked down the runway next and it was all men’s fashion. This line consisted of very classy suits and ties. Seeing this line was definitely a shift in what had been seen all night.
Last but not least was Travian Vann with her new gown collection. Her line brought out the softness and boldness of a woman, with electric colors. The first two designs were beautiful black, and elegant dresses. The third dress was a neon green, silky dress, which was definitely electrifying. Vann showed off the boldness and softness of a woman with beautiful shades of green, and blue. Vann’s line had some of the most beautiful dresses I had seen all night.

Fashion Week was such a success, It was such an amazing experience that I am so glad I got to be part of. Everyone at the show looked amazing, I can’t wait to see what’s in store next season!