We often find ourselves dreaming of a different decade, lost in the trends, culture and lifestyle that it embodies. Local brand
Nighthawks Vintage
, embraces the nostalgia of the 80’s and 90’s, while reminding us that our current trends are not to be overlooked. Jessa began her company in 2010 on
, in order to sell her unique upcycled pieces. After graduating from
VCU Fashion
, she launched her company with a small budget, which has inspired her to acquire her fabrics through thrifting. “[Thrift Shopping] is like a treasure hunt to me, to find vintage pieces… I can always see its potential” and that she does – as her collaboration with RCFU brought us back to the decade of flared trousers and groovy blouses.

We begin our journey lost in a sea of literature, as the clothes chanted their vibrancy throughout the silent library floors. In her deep green jumpsuit, Bria modeled playfully as if she was strutting into
Studio 54
. But the outfit wasn’t so monochromatic, as her berry beret supplied a touch of color while her belt was the delicate vintage addition.

Then, in a studious fashion, Caity’s look taught us how to get into sophisticated style, while also pattern mixing. Her vertical blue and white blouse gave us
Linda Evangelista
vibes in her 80’s Vogue photoshoot, and it was paired with a mustard wrap skirt. What pulled the entire outfit together was the long striped blazer that rested on her shoulders, and subtle color combination contrasted well with her blouse and matching the skirt.

There is nothing more 90’s than leather jackets, and Sarah’s look proved that it doesn’t have to be in the form of a biker jacket to radiate toughness. Paired with a purple dress, the outfit resembled more of an effortlessly chic style, while her boots gave a vintage flare.  
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We then traveled into the old time record store,
Plan 9 Music
located in Carytown, Plan 9 has welcomed music lovers for 29 years with a display of various genres of music from the 40’s to the modern hits. There, our models showed off the wonderful combinations of trousers with oversize coats. And while the style may be similar, the colors of each outfit told a different story.

Caity’s long berry jacket and suede brown pants provided a color palette that embraced the fall aesthetic. Bria
balanced her sophisticated black and white look with a playful deep green blazer. The western style belt, a current trend, reminds us that 90’s styles still have a way of influencing us today. Lastly, Sarah’s look was finished off with a thin blue belt to prove that cool tones are the perfect ‘pop of color’. And no outfit is perfect without the right hair and makeup, and with the expertise of
Shelby Lynn-Woods
, each look served a great tribute to the vintage styles of the past (take Caity’s teased up hair, for instance).

Today, Nighthawks Vintage is still available on Etsy, yet Jessa spoke about her goal to transition the company on a new platform in the near future, “I would like to have my own domain someday, but for now Etsy is the main thing… but I just always have to look for the next ‘big thing’.” Similar to us, the future still remains a bit of a mystery to Jessa, but we’re confident that she will continue to create beautifully made clothing to bring a bit of the previous decades into our lives.