Story by
Estelle Avbuere

Photos by
Mia Navarro

The beauty of fashion is its ability to tell such stories on a regular basis. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it is important to tell the universal and personal stories of women of all backgrounds, races, and cultures, especially through their individual styles. We want to walk you through history as we take a look at women who have and are embracing their narratives. These women tell stories of power, vulnerability, cleverness, beauty, athleticism, knowledge, compassion and so much more. These women have embraced their womanhood in distinct ways and without apology, all while overcoming barriers of prejudice and discrimination.

These women are strong.

The looks presented are based on each stylist’s modern interpretation of these women’s personalities, combined with inspiration from looks that they have iconically sported. Each look is here to empower women and to remind everyone to never underestimate a woman.  


is famously known as the clever,  seductive Ancient Egyptian ruler with striking features. From raising her own army to coercing
Julius Caesar
and overthrowing her own brother to making
Mark Antony
fall for and go to war with her, Cleopatra was indeed a force.

She was both a mother and a complex, tactical regent. She loved, outsmarted, gave birth to, ruled over and reigned alongside men. Cleopatra also compared herself to the mythological goddess,
, and at one point dressed in robes likened to those of the goddess. In this look, you can see the air of superiority of a ruler and a goddess, as portrayed by the oversized, black and gold sunglasses and the long, elegant dress.

The wealth of all the nations Cleopatra had power over is displayed through the gold bracelets and statement necklace, and the large black ring. But Cleopatra wasn’t just a queen on the outside. The black of the model’s dress and the dark lip color reflect the authority that she exuded. Perhaps it also represents the tragedy of her death, as the story goes that she allowed a poisonous snake to bite her after hearing of Mark Antony’s death.

Tips for channeling Cleopatra into your style:

Dark lips – This dark lip color on the model is gorgeous and perfect for evening looks, but if you are as daring as the queen herself, try it during the day too.

Bold jewelry – Get your glam on with some jewelry that makes you stand out. Layer some delicate necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Or go with one bold jewelry piece at a time, depending on the outfit. Use whatever you have to add variety!

Dark sunglasses – Spring is well on its way, which means a lot of rainy days mixed with a lot of sunshine, so be prepared. Darker shades are interesting because they have a mysterious authority to them, just like Cleopatra.

In the end, one reason history recognizes Cleopatra as a notable woman is that she knew what she wanted to do and was clever and bold about getting it done. This strong-willed mindset is a beautiful aspect of womanhood, and it can easily be adapted into something as simple as wardrobe. We invite you to give it a try!