Your Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry Edition


RICHMOND, Va– Black Friday: the unofficial holiday synonymous with hyper-consumerism. It is a big day for most retailers and has widened to include eCommerce in the form of “Media Monday.”

For some of us unknowingly subscribed to retail email blasts and mail promotions, this holiday happens to start earlier each year. Fast fashion company, Shein, started their Black Friday deals as early as two weeks before the official date.

But let’s focus on what this Holiday actually marks: the start of the busiest shopping season of the year.

For many people, the holiday season is a time of exchanging meaningful and sentimental gifts with friends and families. Therefore, we loved Small Business Saturday. The underrated shopping day scheduled right in between Black Friday and Media Monday.

At RCFU, we want to bring gifts that the most important people in our lives will not only cherish but also gifts that support our community through shopping locally. 

Richmond is a community strengthened through its climate for local business. While semi-annually retail business is celebrated through Richmond Fashion Week and ShopRVA, it is the constant support from local patrons that strengthens the roots of each store. By supporting local businesses, we help strengthen the local economy and even reduce climate change impacts. 

Consider both buying locally for friends and family along with ensuring that your holiday wishlist includes small business finds. Here are some of our favorite stores in Richmond

This week, we’re going to share our go-to small businesses for our friends. Today, we bring you our favorite stores for the jewelry lover friend!

For the Jewelry Lover

  1. Sun & Selene: Both handcrafted and holistically inspired, Sun and Selene is our Scott’s Addition destination for quality jewelry.
  2. Mod & Soul: Mod & Soul is the Richmond staple retailer for everything in fashion. They offer a well-curated selection of accessories, jewelry, and apparel.
  3. Brand Sara: Sara began her company to sell unique and handcrafted polymer clay earrings. Her online store through Instagram showcases a positively branded display of earrings that are both personal and individual.