Thrifting Halloween Costumes With Buffalo Exchange

By: Caitlin Thompson

October 24, 2022

Whether you want to be a spooky witch, werewolf, or even a Spice Girl this Halloween, Buffalo Exchange has got you covered! Buffalo Exchange is a local buy, sell, and trade thrift store located in the Cary Court Shopping area in Carytown.
Thrifting your costume is a great way to shop sustainably this Halloween season. In collaboration with Buffalo Exchange we created a 2022 thrifted halloween lookbook. If you are in need of last minute costume ideas we have got you covered! All of these costumes came from our own closet or thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. 
angel #1
angel #2
Be as heavenly as Madelyn in this fairytale angel costume. Just look for a white flowy dress and white wings!
Connect with your inner 1920’s flapper girl. Erin is styled in this amazing black flapper, lace gloves, and a headband.
witch #2
witch #1
Madeline channeled all of her spooky energy into being a witch. To be this spooky find a black dress and a big witch hat.
wolf #1
wolf #2
Grr! Marr is scaring everyone in this werewolf costume. Furry leg warmers really pull the costume together.
If you’re a sports fan Jada’s New York Knicks costume would be a great way to show support for your favorite team. Erin is channeling our favorite spice girl, Ginger Spice, wearing her iconic Union jack dress.
doll #1
doll #2
Barbie stands no chance next to Madelyn’s beautiful doll costume! Having a big skirt and rigid movements is the key.
batwoman #1
batwoman #2
Marr is on their way to save the day! Make any all-back outfit into a bat woman costume with a bat on your chest.
pirate #1
pirate #2
Arrrgghhh! Jada is stunning in this adorable pirate costume. Bringing a fun prop along can really tie any look together.
hp #1
hp #2
In the mystical world of Harry Potter Erin would be the best Gryffindor student. Stick to the color palette that matches your Harry Potter house.
80's #2
80's #1
Madeleine is ready to get her groove on in this spunky 80s costume. Bright colors and tight clothes are the keys to nailing any 80s look. 
Be more sustainable this halloween season and shop second-hand with Buffalo Exchange!

Stylist: Sydney Robinson

Photographer: Julie Dinh

Models: Madelyn CarterMadeline MartinErin WardlawJada King, & Marr Hovastak

Creative Director: Carolina Gomez

Fashion Director: Madden Cook

Buffalo Exchange

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