VCU Becoming: Fashion Show Review

By: Sydney Robinson 

If there’s one thing VCU has in abundance, its beautiful and talented students. This fact was best on display at this week’s Homecoming fashion show, “Becoming”. Helmed by VCU organization Heels Inc, this show was a vibrant display of fashion and culture in the VCU and greater Richmond communities. The show was segmented into four chapters – with an uplifting intermission performance from VCU artist NOLOXM – with each chapter representing a different theme.


The show opened with a model in a white grecian inspired gown, dancing to introduce the other models. What followed was an assortment of beautiful black gowns, billowy pants, and then, to the audience’s shock, majorette dancers. This Savage by Fenty inspired addition choreographed by Heel’s Inc. added an interesting contrast to the elegant clothing being presented by the models. The dancing continued through the avant garde assortment of florals and neutrals of chapter two, and was on its best display during chapters three and four. Chapter three was an ode to streetwear and black culture, heavily featuring Basic Hoodies, and streetwear brands like State of Mind. This segment was augmented by performances from Kappa Alpha Psi’s strolling and a self choreographed performance by the VCU Atomic Gold Stomp N’ Shake Squad.


The final chapter of the show opened with a model voguing to “THAT GIRL” in a hot pink mini skirt ensemble and closed out with a fun colorful collection of casual and evening wear. Pink printed bodycon dresses and green fur embellishments were on display in garments created by RVA designer Quinn Duffy. Overall the show was a loud and exciting display of some of the best VCU has to offer. The amount of care, time and love put into the show was very obvious from the “Homecoming” style behind the scenes videos of the show’s inception that played before each chapter, to the intense choreography and in all the clothing worn on stage. While this was the first show of its kind in VCU history, we hope it will remain a staple for future Homecomings.


  1. Majorettes shot by B. Wimbish Photography
  2. Chapter 1 Model shot by B. Wimbish Photography
  3. Dancer/Model shot by B. Wimbish Photography
  4. Streetwear Model shot by B. Wimbish Photography
  5. Atomic Gold Stomp N Shake Squad shot by Alex Robinson
  6. Model Chanell Townsell shot by Alex Robinso
  7. Model Marwa Arabi shot by Alex Robinson