This Fall's Biggest Fashion Trends

By Stephania Jugo

Everyone’s favorite fashion season is finally upon us. As we have seen in January’s runway shows, the fall season will be expanding on various themes and trends. Silhouettes will look similar to that of the A-line and sheathe looks of the 60s. This fall, pairings will be classic with a pop modern and re-invented accessories.

Red has always been a classic staple color for fall. In addition to being a pop of color this year, red will be incorporated into 60s-inspired looks. Red cardigans, coats, and tights are some of the more notable pieces this season. 

Silver, along with metallics, will continue to trend through the winter season. Metallics will be mostly seen in footwear, such as trending Wales Bonner’s chrome Sambas collaboration, and the juxtaposing ballet flats. The flashy colorway will also be making its way to accessories, such as bags and jewelry. As we have seen on the Gucci and Chanel runways back in January and Tommy Hilfiger’s reinforcement of gold during New York Fashion Week last month, metallics are here to stay.

As a part of the ballet-core aesthetic rising, footwear is decreasing its height. Ballet flats, sling-backs and kitten heels will be replacing higher platform shoes. Bows are peaking at an all time high for accessories as a part of this aesthetic trend. Ribbons have been seeked to tie on jeans, purses, sneakers and hair!

To keep warm, fur will also be back in season. This wave of fur will be seen in 60s mod hats, vests, and coats, as well on some lining on varying garments. Fur has arguably been a staple for the past couple of fall seasons, especially fur coats. This fall, fur can be dressed up for a special occasion or dressed down for a night out of town.

As a part of the ongoing Y2K trend, skinny scarves are back from the previous fall season. While they might not keep you as warm as fur, this knit accessory will be sure to add a funky twist to an outfit. 

The “quiet luxury” aesthetic has risen as celebrities such as Sofia Richie Grainge and Jennifer Lawerence show off their street style in a moderate way. This aesthetic comes in the form of business casual tops and slacks for an almost effortless look. If paired correctly, the garments create a luxury look and feel.

The fall season will be a time for some to experiment with their look through accessories, while keeping it simple and effortless. 

Creative Director: Carolina Gomez

Creative Team: Abbie Rios, Kristina Wise, & Alyssa Carman

Modeled by: Nathalie Santis, Lealani Vila, Salma Escoto, & Emerson Groves