Wardrobe Wednesday: A Look Into Maddens Marvelous Closet

Picture of Summer DeCiucis

Summer DeCiucis

Stepping into senior student Madden Cook’s closet was a high honor. Straight out of an early 2000s film, the space was littered with strategically placed bags, shoes, and impeccably eclectic pieces. It was practically begging to be captured.

Her extravagant collection of pieces, mostly thrifted, show a long history of fashion dedication. Cook’s closet has everything you could ever need; fit for the ultimate it-girl


With a wardrobe that thrives off of second hand clothing, and an emphasis on sustainability, Madden often upcycles her thrifted pieces. Not only giving them a new life, but also assurance that she’ll never run out of new outfits. 

With a multitude of statement pieces, the possibilities are endless for show stopping ensembles. 

Madden prides herself on an esteemed collection of Dr. Marten shoes, which are showcased beautifully in her magnificent closet. 

The clothes can’t take all the credit; beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case Cook is a fashion mastermind. 

From dressing up in her moms clothes with her sister, to now having a closet the size of an antique store, Madden has always had an eye for fashion. 

Madden’s myriad of vintage garments has Sex In The City star Carrie Bradshaw, her main fashion inspiration, written all over it. From fabulous coats, to slinky slip dresses, the 90s called and said Madden is killing it 


We all have those few pieces we could absolutely not live without. Regardless of her fully stocked wardrobe, Madden has a few staples herself. 

Leather jackets are never a scarcity in her day to day ensembles, and a fun hat or handbag never hurt anyone. 

Flirty dresses add a perfect feminine flair to edgy outfits, complete with Cook’s knee high, lace up Dr. Marten boots.

And understandably, many plaid skirts have found a home within Madden’s stockpile.