Wardrobe Wednesday: Alex's Ode to Girlhood

Stephania Jugo

Stephania Jugo

Walking into Alex Gabitan’s wardrobe brought back all sorts of girlhood nostalgia. This fashion merchandising senior uses garments to call back to her earlier years of playing dress up. Gabitan even recalls one of her first experiences with fashion involved curating outfits for her Bratz dolls in her imaginary store.

 She further describes her style as feminine and soft as she carries herself in a more playful manner. Her closet reflects her use of color, specifically pastels often paired with a darker staple. Gabitan favors lace, frills and girly patterns to add the perfect feminine touch to any plain outfit. She scavenges second-hand online websites, like Depop, to find her pretty perfect pieces. Gabitan takes pride in her thrifted garments as she gives them a new life in her wardrobe. 

Looking more into Gabitan’s prized possessions, her mother’s 2009 North Face puffer jacket makes an appearance. The coat, passed down by love, is not only keeping Gabitan warm during the winter months, but on trend during this fashion cycle. Similarly, her Betty Boop leather jacket is a fun callback to a simpler time of Gabitan’s life. It’s safe to say her wardrobe is filled with marvelous memories and on the lookout to make more as she moves on to the next steps of her life. 

What more could a girl with such an expansive collection want? Gabitan’s dream purchase is a Guizio sequin skirt, which sources have indeed confirmed she added to her wardrobe shortly after the interview. This skirt is not like any other. It’s rather a reflection of Gabitan’s fun and flirty attitude towards fashion, almost like a reminder not to take anything too seriously. It also doesn’t hurt that one of her top artists, Olivia Rodrigo, has been seen rocking a similar style.