Wardrobe Wednesday: Caera’s Crochet Craze

Picture of Stephania Jugo

Stephania Jugo

Fashion Merchandising senior, Caera Harrison, gives a whole new meaning to maximalism in this digital age of fashion. Inspired by the looks of musician Rina Sawayama and Instagram influencer @saracamposarcone, Harrison uses fashion as a form of self expression as she combines layered pieces and funky accessories. 

Harrison is all about giving second-hand clothing a new life. Like many in this generation, Harrison counts on thrift stores and second-hand online shopping platforms, like Depop, for her everyday wear. Whether she’s on the hunt for a certain item or just browsing, Harrison will make anything work to her benefit. She thrives in pattern mixing and using varying textures to add dimension to a regular outfit. She loves a solid statement piece to complete an outfit as she emphasizes her love of jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces. 

 And when she can’t find specific pieces at a local Goodwill, she isn’t afraid to make it herself! Her collection of crochet and knits capture the essence of self expression in her daily life. Harrison has spent hours not only crocheting accessories for herself and her loved ones, but also the environment. In a previous semester, Harrison and others in the fashion department started a yarn-bombing project, making Virginia Commonwealth University more colorful and vibrant. Harrison, with the help of other students, used her unique taste in fashion to make the community a little brighter. 

Now, how does one replicate this funky and colorful style? Harrison’s style, or as some have deemed “CaeraCore,” is just about exploring pieces to their full potential and getting creative with how one wears a certain piece. Harrison just loves to play around with cl0thing and accessories. As for her current favorites, she loves a pop of color and pattern, especially green and pink.