Wardrobe Wednesday: Sadie’s Spectacular Style

Picture of Stephania Jugo

Stephania Jugo

Fashion merchandising alum, Sadie Kinzer, took us on a journey through her style evolution in the way of vintage hats, thrifted boots, and classic turtlenecks. From growing up in Kenya to playing dress up with her American girl dolls, Kinzer reminisces on her first memories in the fashion world and how they got her to where she is today.

Kinzer has always had a love for unique and antique pieces. She attributes her entry into fashion to her mom’s shared vintage dress collection, as well as her hometown thrift trips. From a young age, Kinzer has had an eye for timeless pieces and the reinvention of older silhouettes. Kinzer describes her style as classic, tailored, and Woodstock-inspired. She exemplifies this by her combination of simple pieces matched with funky, vintage accessories. Kinzer looks to her favorite coming-of-age show, Gilmore Girls, and 90s fashion as her inspiration as she starts her life after college. 

And what better place to find these special pieces than at thrift stores! Kinzer loves a good thrift haul, especially when she’s back home in Connecticut. She loves venturing through preloved clothes and reimagining their potential in her own wardrobe. Her favorite find thus far has been her Miss Sixty coat that is typically paired with her favorite pair of tall boots. She finishes off almost every outfit with her favorite gold accessories, making the outfit her very own.