Wardrobe Wednesday: Meghna's Spin On Sleek Style

Picture of Summer Deciucis

Summer Deciucis

Virginia Commonwealth University alum, Meghna Vemuri, proudly shared her meticulously crafted collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. Describing her style as playful, eclectic and sleek, Vemuri checks all the boxes as someone inspired by Bella Hadid and the Y2K Bollywood scene. Mixing textures, styles, and patterns are the key elements to perfecting her day to day look. 

Every piece hanging in her closet is purposeful, and every shoe displayed holds great value; at least, I think being pretty to look at is valuable enough. Meghna’s closet is full of fun, glitzy pieces, which fit perfectly with her daily basics, and her most cherished jewelry. 

Encapsulating delicate, feminine energy in her style is something that comes naturally to Meghna. Playing with flirty fabrics and hues of pink is a treasured pass time. With her highly worn black knee high boots, she easily can diversify and add a tone of grunge to any girly outfit. 

Having an overpopulated closet is not something easily done on your own; it often takes a village, or friends who also have too many clothes. Meghna often shops from her friends’ stockpiles, and finds herself scoring in clothing swaps and student closet sales.

Meghna’s wardrobe is full of life and versatility. She has love and admiration for each piece occupying her space, and understands the value of beloved items, such as her leather jacket from middle school. 

She exudes vibrant cool-girl energy; a modern Carrie Bradshaw if you will, and she does it effortlessly