Wardrobe Wednesday: Kelsey's Classy Closet

Stephania Jugo

Stephania Jugo

Fashion merchandising senior Kelsey Claros gave us a tour of her collection, displaying all sorts of timeless pieces she loves so dearly. While Claros looks to content creators, like Franny Arrieta and Ashley Alexander, for inspiration, she isn’t afraid to look back to older classics as well. Claros thrives in mixing new with the old as she varies her looks and pieces depending on her day!

Claros’ love of fashion started through making doll dresses with her grandmother. Her love of styling has only grown. She searches thrift stores for notable, one-of-a-kind pieces and the mall for long-lasting basics. Some of her favorites even come from her mom’s stylish collection. Claros integrates these pieces to create a classic, everyday wardrobe. From starting with tops to playing around with bottoms and layering garments, Claros elevates simple garments to make a trendy look.

Whether it takes her half an hour to an hour, Claros knows how to pull pieces together! Her latest combinations play with a balance of feminine and edgy. Claros rocks her favorite black leather jacket to make any outfit more daring. Her last touch to any look is always jewelry from her expansive collection and her everyday black bag.

While Claros draws fashion inspiration from internet creators, her dream purchase comes from one of her favorite musicians, pop icon Sabrina Carpenter. She’s been looking for the perfect Naked Wolf platform boots to replicate Carpenter’s onstage presence. Claros’s love of music can be seen on her as her must-have accessory is any pair of headphones she can find. Regardless of the topic, from fashion to music, Claros has taste in the new and upcoming trends and a deep appreciation for the good old classics.