Bag Galore!

Picture of Stephania Jugo and Summer Deciucis

Stephania Jugo and Summer Deciucis

From the dawn of time, bags have been used to carry the most vital necessities from coins to phones to the latest Fenty lip gloss. As pockets shrink and expand through trend cycles, bags adapt to carry varying accessories. While bags were originally made for practically, they have turned into an individualistic fashion choice that makes one stand out from others. 

Over the last couple of years, purse sizes have touched all ends of the spectrum from Louis Vuitton’s micro purses to the extra large slouchy totes made popular by Bottega Veneta and Cult Gaia. Wearability, material, color schemes, patterns, and style are all crucial traits of a bag which could make or break your outfit. Bags, of all sorts, add dimension and texture to a once plain outfit. Although bags are seemingly the smallest aspect to an outfit, they can leave a lasting impression. 

Not only has interest in thrifted clothing gained popularity, so has the desire for vintage bags. As trends revitalize every few years, thrifting has become the most economical and environmentally-friendly way to source these prized possessions. Lived in, good quality bags have charm you just can’t buy new. There is something special about owning a bag that has lived multiple lives, helping so many people before you carry all their favorite things.  

Finding one-of-a-kind pieces has translated into creating these bags from scratch. An overall increased demand of crochet and knitted bags has hit the market after the hobby was taken up by many in a time of isolation. Brands, like Lucky Loves, have revolutionized tote bags by creating bow straps, making it an online must-have. Adding charms, ribbons, bows and pins to elevate bags have been a recent trend, heavily inspired by icon Jane Birkin. Clothing is art and accessories are the paint; we are meant to make things our own. While bags don’t define an individual, they can be a bold form of self expression.