Wardrobe Wednesday: Grace's Perfectly Posh Closet

Tasteful sex-appeal, effortless elegance, and sleek street style come together seamlessly in VCU student, Grace Marchosky’s closet. Marchosky graciously gave a behind the scenes look into her charisma filled wardrobe and space. Through mixing new and old treasures, oddities, and cherished pieces; she has perfected the recipe to be the nonchalant it-girl. 

Posh Spice meets Pamela Anderson in Grace’s ultimate haute collection. Marchosky has put in the work to achieve her dream wardrobe. Spending hours scouring resale sites like Poshmark and Depop is a frequent passtime of hers. Grace’s favorite finds being a vintage cobalt blue varsity jacket, and a pair of black Nike Shox. 

Describing her style as contrast, vintage, and inspired; Grace often gravitates towards statement pieces in which she mixes with elevated basics. Pairing feminine and masculine pieces through creative layering makes for inventive, unique looks. Whether its a trip to 7-eleven or going to class in the business hall, Marchosky routinely looks effortlessly chic, emphasizing the importance of fashion. 

Large pendant necklaces, statement belts, every day jewels, and slouchy bags are staples in Marchosky’s trove of accessories. Grace has had a deep love for fashion since she can remember; taking inventory of the inspiration surrounding her since elementary school. She rarely regrets fashion choices in respect to every past version of herself; with an exception to her hyper-preppy phase of the mid 2010s (we were all there). 


While you can’t blame a girl for wanting to fit in, Grace has zero fear of standing out in a crowd; if anything, she prefers it. Grace’s wardrobe is jam-packed with charm and spunk. She finds inspiration everywhere; from reading vintage playboys to thumbing through her roommate’s closet.