Wardrobe Wednesday: Dyanna's Designer Dream

Picture of Stephania Jugo

Stephania Jugo

Dyanna Gamarro, the fashion it-girl of Richmond, has a to-die-for collection of kitten heels, blazers, and trendy accessories. This fashion merchandising senior describes her style as young, chic and feminine with a plentiful closet to prove it. The fun color palette in her garments keeps her style playful as she combines them with vintage household names.

Drawing inspiration from the one and only Carrie Bradshaw, Gamarro’s shoe collection ranges from thrifted Manolos to almost-brand new Ralph Lauren boots. Gamarro thrives in second hand shops, both in person and online. While some may say a diamond is a girl’s best friend, Gamarro’s go to confidant is second hand designer sites, like the RealReal. Gamarro loves to spend her free time browsing one of a kind pieces and adding them to her wishlist. She’s also a professional thrifter. One of her most unique finds thus far has been two Mugler powersuits from a local Goodwill. One of her favorite 80’s pieces, however, doesn’t come from her hard work in searching, instead a hand-me-down plaid skirt from her mother’s 80s archive.

While it may take her awhile to put an outfit together, Dyanna never forgets her accessories and a pair of heels. She can always be seen wearing a statement purse, and sometimes even heard, walking in a pair of her hottest high heels. As she struts down memory lane reminiscing on some of her fashion regrets, Gamarro looks onward to achieving her dream of purchasing her very own Birkin.