RCF’s guide to Roadtripping: Vintage and Secondhand in VA

Picture of Julia Karns

Julia Karns

Whether you’re Thelma and Louise or Bonnie and Clyde, take Virginia’s scenic byways by storm with our personal guide to a killer (pun intended) roadtrip.

“Growing up I would always listen to my dad’s 70s music. And growing up as a Mexican on the west coast, there’s always been a slight western influence that came from my older family members- like bowleros, lots of denim, cowboy boots, hats, etc.,” said Creative Director Carolina Gomez.


Western Americana and the sense of exploration radiate from the photographs captured in the greenery of Barker Fields. With 70’s influence, models lounge in brown corduroy flares and lots and lots of crochet.

Freedom and discovery are the essence of the road trip. With a car and a roadmap, discover the hidden boutiques and flea markets Virginia has to offer. With the edgy Saturn Return and Boho to Go, Richmond itself is bursting at the seams with vintage and second hand stores. Moving outside of River City, stroll through the Hillsville Flea Market on their enormous Memorial day and Labor day weekend markets or go to Verona and check out Factory Antiques, the biggest antique mall in America. Global Threadz & Thriftz, located in Fredericksburg, is a hidden gem of high quality curated vintage. Finally, peruse Vintage Mirage in Alexandria, which is a treasure trove of nostalgic pieces.

Grab your partners in crime, a stack of iconic CDs and a suitcase of marvelously mysterious attire- leaving room of course for what you pick up along the course of your travels.

Photographed by Summer Deciucis

Modeled by Carolina Granja, Caera Harrison, Jaylyn Johnson, Lealani Vila & Luke Wilder

Creative Direction: Carolina Gomez

Creative Team: Alyssa Carman and Kristina Wise