The Best, The Worst and the Most…Something Looks of the 2023 Oscars

The Best, The Worst and the Most…Something Looks of the 2023 Oscars By: Sydney Robinson March 12th was the 95th Academy awards and it was a historical night for many reasons. Everything Everywhere All at Once Swept the major categories, Michelle Yeoh became the second woman of color and first Asian woman to ever win Best Actress, Ruth E. Carter became the first black woman to ever win more than one Academy Award, and Jamie Lee Curtis won Best Supporting Actress to everyone’s disappointment. But in a more shocking development, this year’s red carpet looks were overwhelmingly good, in a stunning departure from years past. Let’s break down the best, worst and most “something” looks of this year. BEST: Fan Bing Bing The reclusive actress wore a billowy Tony Ward couture gown to the ceremony this year, creating a bold silhouette and effectively wiping her tax evasion scandal from all of our minds. WORST: Florence Pugh Florence utilized the same billowy fabric look for her outfit this year, but unfortunately instead of looking like avant garde art it just looks like she’s carrying a pile of laundry. Another miss in a long string of bad outfits this season, clearly she needs to break up with her stylist. Most Something: Elizabeth Banks In a third example of this massive fabric motif, we have Cocaine Bear director Elizabeth Banks. This dress is…a lot but I can’t hate it mostly because I can’t hate her. Cocaine Bear for Best Picture 2024! Best: Bailey Bass Avatar: The Way of Water – and more importantly, Interview With The Vampire – star Bailey bass stunned in a champagne colored gown. At only 19 years old she has cemented herself as not only an acting powerhouse, but a fashion one as well. Worst: Allison Williams As a lover of the queen of camp cringe I’m devastated to have to say it, but this dress is hideous. Miss Williams you are too beautiful to be subjected to this! I want better for you! Most Something: Ana De Armas Since the original Marilyn Monroe happy birthday dress is now ruined and sitting in a Ripley’s vault somewhere – thanks Kim Kardashian – De Armas was forced to settle for a boring knock off. The dress isn’t ugly really, just deeply boring, but I suppose it just reflects her performance in Blonde. Best: Sandra Oh Not only did she look like a stunning Greek goddess, Miss Oh has boldly refused to fall victim to the “no necklace” plague we’re currently experiencing on red carpets. I could talk about this look for days, and I probably will. Worst: Andrea Riseborough This dress had potential, but it washes her out and feels like it clashes against the more punk haircut she’s currently sporting. Personally, it feels like this look is karma for committing category fraud to get herself a Best Actress nomination. Most Something: Eva Longoria I actually see the vision for this one, and I think if it was slightly less busy it would have worked beautifully. The art deco disco ball style dress is wearing her though, she’s not wearing it. Best: Ariana Debose Ariana’s look feels like the more mature and put together version of Eva’s. The toned down sequining feels cohesive and the dress fits her much better. Worst: Lady Gaga While Miss Germonatta is most likely descending into method acting madness while filming Joker 2, it seems she’s brought that insanity to the red carpet. The Dior inspired drop waist just doesn’t work on her short stature, but her hair and makeup look great. I’d recognize that Haus Labs liquid lipstick anywhere. Honorable Mentions: Jessie Buckley The punky sequined Victorian style dress looks great on the Women Talking star. Cara Delevigne Looking stunning in red, Cara reminds us why she was the it girl of our collective teenage years. Malala Yousafzai Looking absurdly beautiful in a glittering hooded gown, Malala makes a good argument for giving her another Nobel prize, this time for fashion.