VCstyleU: Nick Southern

N ick Southern’s Instagram feed is populated with knock-out look after knock-out look. From embroidered trousers to kimonos, and ponchos to kerchiefs, the boy knows what he’s doing. To say that I was inspired to step up my personal style just by ogling over his is a massive understatement. Back in January, the busy Richmond […]

Fashion: The World of Contradiction

Story by Briana Thornton Photos by Mia Navarro Every fashion trend has a story. As it sits at the intersection of time, place and subject, there are countless ways to interpret each and every one of them. Take the mini skirt for example; at the turn of the 20th century, it was inconceivable for women to […]

Get Fit and Stay Cool: Athleisure

Story by Julia Bratu Photos by Monica Escamillia Over the course of the 20th and 21st century, the popularity of sportswear has been on the rise. The casual attitude we take today towards daywear is largely a result of the rising popularity of athletic clothing and sports as a leisure activity, making its way past […]

Duplicate Their Look: The Hadid Sisters

Bella and Gigi Hadid are two of the biggest models gracing the catwalks and heading campaigns for major designers. The sisters both walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show (2016) and are also known for their work together in the Fendi and Moschino Spring/Summer campaigns together. They’ve both won awards such as “Model of the […]

Celebrate Your Pride in Style

Story by Julia Bratu Photos by Monica Escamillia We take great pride in our incredibly diverse city and campus at RCFU, and strive to be sure we celebrate our differences by promoting positive depictions of people from all walks of life. Our own team is also full of people of all different backgrounds, so it […]

RCFU x Jackie O

W hen we think of class and sophistication, we think of women like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis , who carry themselves, their families, their successes and their tragedies with grace and dignity. Jackie O changed the ‘first lady’ game in 1961 and effortlessly set trends that we adore and mimic today. While many think of Jackie […]

On-Trend: Head-to-Toe Nude

Photos by Monica Escamillia Our girls at RCFU decided to have some fun with one of their favorite trends: head-to-toe nude. Of course we mean nude and neutral-toned clothing, but the look itself can be just as scandalous if not properly styled. Therefore, we have provided some #OOTD-worthy inspiration for anyone wanting to try this […]