Who We Are on Halloween

Written by: Aayesha PoudelPhotography by: Adriana BrownModels: Josh Ricketts, Nima Jawadian, Matthew Schettini In our childhood, October 31st marked the night where we could be the ghosts and goblins that both frightened and excited us. It was the night where we were the beasts we were most afraid of, the creatures we were mesmerized by, and the characters that we hoped to be.   As we grew older and those fantasies started to slip away, it remained the night where we could let go of the stress and troubles and become someone or something else. Costumes have no boundaries, from juxtapositioning an innocent doll with a terror beast to a lumberjack who counteracted as a serial killer. It became a phenomenon where we didn’t have to be ourselves- as sometimes that can feel like the most terrifying costume of all. We celebrate the holiday that dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The people who celebrate this day believe that Samhain is the day that the barriers between the physical and spiritual world break down. This would allow for interactions between supernatural creatures and humans. Therefore, when we dress in costumes whether to prance around the neighborhood to receive treats or to enjoy a night as someone else, Halloween allows us to connect with more than just ourselves or our peers: it helps us connect with other worlds.

Your Scorpio Fashion Forecast is Here

The intensity of the Scorpio season is upon us. This placement is arguably one of the more powerful water signs. Scorpio sun natives crave deep conversations and connections and make passionate and loyal partners in love. They are heavily influenced by their emotions and this will always serve them in their professional and personal life going forward. read the full info here At times, the darker side of Scorpio’s emotion can turn into manipulation, so it is smart to stay on the good side of this native. This leads us perfectly into the spooky season of October, and the photoshoot of muted dark tones. The way the photographer used the technique of double exposure when editing the images and gives the photos a more intense look in tune with the aura of Scorpios.