Leaving Skincare Neglect in 2019: Our Beauty Resolutions

WRITTEN BY: SARA ADELIPHOTOGRAPHY BY: MARTA LOCKLEARThe time has come to carefully select our New Year resolutions for the year 2020. I know that there can be so much we all want to accomplish, and it can become all too easy to compile a list of 20+ goals we want to achieve by the end of the year but never actually stick with.  More often than not, we are so motivated during the month of January to become the best version of ourselves, and we invest 110% of our energy towards our many goals. Then, the fire behind our ambition fizzles out by the time February rolls around, and we slowly revert to our old ways. New year, same us.  Well, not this year! This year we will set smaller, realistic goals for ourselves. Goals that we are able to maintain throughout the entire year and implement for the rest of our lives. Instead of 20 huge goals, try 5 manageable goals. A great way to make the most of this is to dedicate each goal to a different category. For example, one goal can be related to beauty, another to health, another to your career. This year, we asked our members what their beauty goal for the new year is, and we got some amazing responses! “I want to start drinking more water and washing my face for at least one minute day and night! I also want to wear more natural make-up and feel more confident in my blemishes (very Parisian lifestyle haha).” – Marta L., junior “Cut down on caffeine and dehydrating beverages because on top of my skin being acne-prone, it’s also dehydrated so following this habit would help me with both those problems!” – Aayesha P., junior “I want to make it a bigger habit to wash my face after a night out of wearing a lot of makeup- I think that’s something important that I sometimes neglect!” –Sarah M., junior “Achieve a more natural glow by focusing highly on skincare.” –Sydney H., junior “I’m looking forward to trying out new skincare brands and incorporating new products into my daily routine.” -Tahia K., senior My personal beauty goal for the year is to consistently do 2-3 face masks every week to really (hopefully) take my skin to the next level. All of these goals are simple, manageable, and will surely show significant and positive change.