MamerSass: Streetwear But Make It Sustainable

BY EBONIQUE LITTLE PHOTOGRAPHS BY DOM KHUN;STYLISTS: ANNIE MILLER, KAYLEE AHN AND NABIHA RAIS Based in Chincoteague, Virginia and expanding its reach to Richmond, vintage boutique MamerSass Reinvented Fashions provides the ultimate guide on repurposed streetwear. While daily Americans waste thirteen million pounds of textiles, MamerSass is shifting the fashion industry as owners Jamey Brittingham and Derek Garrett upcycle used fabrics to tell a new story. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry, and by ditching the practices of fast fashion, MamerSass seeks to be a part of the solution. A solution that they make look easy, one might add.  In our shoot, this season’s trend of animal print is pervasive. The utility shirt looks edgy as it is worn atop a zebra-striped top. The star of the outfit may be the fur bucket hat, though. One-third of the ‘80’s fashion starter kit (you know, the bucket hat with the chunky gold chain and coke bottle glasses) gets revamped with its cool black and white spots.  Brightly-colored oversized jackets and accessories are paired with boldly-patterned tops, but maintain an effortless vibe with black bottoms and classic boots. The featured patchwork is emblematic of streetwear and its ode to past decades.  Another subtle, yet unforgettable detail in our styling can be seen in the layered chains. In a sense, the chains tailor the long, open-button shirt and baggy pant by adding an eye-catching accent to the sporty, relaxed look. The outfit is further pulled together with black mid-calf boots that accentuate the cinched track pants.  Clearly, the self-proclaimed “slow fashion retailer” is actually right on the mark with their fast-paced consumer. …And to think these old textiles could have ended up in a landfill…  MODELS: AYUSH BAJGAIN, SONIA MALHI, NIMA JAWADIAN, NICKY REARDON, MINDY TRAN and JONATHAN PAVIA