Halcyon: Lost in Time

Photography By: Dom KhunStory By: Aayesha Poudel There has always been something soft and romantic traveling on train. From the tale of strangers meeting at a station or while traveling, and falling in love to saying goodbye to a significant other as they embark on a railway journey. In some form or another, we are all romantics. We set the scene in the midst of a love story with two souls who find themselves secluded from the rest of the world. In this wide open train station, they are alone but together. They create beauty in their movement, their shadows and their gaze. They surround themselves in art, from their scenery to the clothes they wear. Halcyon, a vintage consignment boutique located in Richmond, allows us to idulge ourselves in the old Hollywood fantasy and bring it into our modern wardrobe. First, we have the beautiful Celeste who gives us young Faye Dunaway vibes, wearing a victorian ruffle blouse paired with a suede mid-length skirt, kitten heels, knit gloves and a hat. She evokes elegance and power with her deep stares and glances. What would this love story be without a gentleman like Nicky? He is the Clyde to her Bonnie, the Warren to her Faye. In each scene he doesn’t just wear his clothes in style, but uses them to provoke drama. For instance, he styles his fedora to hide his eyes which creates a bit of intrigue. He pairs a white button up with brown trousers, boots and a leather jacket. Before they part ways, the two of them share an intimate dance using every part of the station as their stage. We feel their connection through the looks they give each other, making us fall even deeper in love with them. As we leave the two trapped in a timeless love story, we are reminded of how even in the digital age of technology, we can create romantic beauty anywhere, and find historical significance in the clothes that we wear. Stylists and Models: Celeste Chaves and Nicky Reardon Photo Assistant: Stanley Tran