The Grace to our Frankie: Jane Fonda

It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy.-Jane Fonda Story by: Aayesha PoudelPhotography by: Anna Debald As we grow older, we often question if we are still able to accomplish the goals that we want to do, or if we should just stick with our current path because it may be too late to change your life. And this stems from the problem of thinking we all have a conventional path that we must follow. Jane Fonda uses her career to prove that we have a long life to live, and can do as much as we want to do with it. Because, it is never too late to do what makes you happier. Along with being an Academy Award winning actress, Jane Fonda is an inspiration for modern women because of her devotion to political activism. She showed her support in the Civil Rights Movement and showed her opposition for the Vietnam War. She was also an activist for causes such as Native American rights and women’s rights. Even recently, Fonda has protested issues such as the creation of the Dakota Access Pipeline in the Standing Rock. When it comes to the Dakota Access Pipeline, Fonda said, “It has been 45 years since the Occupation of Alcatraz. At Standing Rock we are witnessing the flowering of the seeds that were planted there and, again, it is the youth who seem to be leading the way.” Fonda has always used her fame as an actress to make light on real-world issues that are really important to her. And this is something that she continues to do because she knows that it is never too late to fight for what you believe in. To channel her elegantly chic style, we first created an outfit that mixed the 60s polka dot in a modern twist. We paired a red polka dot peplum skirt with a black halter top. Then, added in a metallic bag with white heels. For the second look, we went for a chic dress, pairing a rose pink baby doll dress with a purple bandana that matched the funky purple heels. It was a mix of innocence with the heels adding a pop of excitement. For the last look, we went for a more casual outfit. In this look, we paired a pink top with pearl details with a pair of straight leg jeans and purple heels. This look symbolizes Fonda laid-back and relatable personality traits. She doesn’t ever come off too stiff or unapproachable, but instead someone you can treat like a friend. Fonda has spent her career as an actress, an influencer and an activist. She has stood out in the public eye because of her devotion to causes that are important to her, and for being an inspiration for all women. She teaches us to fight for what we believe in, and to never use age as an excuse. Stylist: Anna DebaldModel: Celeste Chaves

Women’s HERstory Month: On the Basis of Style

Story by: Aayesha PoudelPhotos by: Dalvida Palmer Imagine being a female graduate from a top tier law school during a time where the career field is completely dominated by men. Imagine majority of employers are reluctant to hire you because they believe that women are too weak, maternal or generally incapable. Now imagine, you are told that women who are intelligent and career driven come off as too intimidating and therefore un-likeable. This was life for Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the late 1950’s. Ruth Bader Ginsburg broke glass ceilings for American women throughout her career. But she didn’t do so without facing tremendous struggle in order to eventually earn her position as Supreme Court Justice. Ginsburg finished top of her class at Columbia Law School in 1959. After graduating, she spent some time in her career as a professor at Rutgers University. Following this, Ginsburg worked for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as a volunteer lawyer and furthered her career advocating for gender equality. From there, she helped repeal laws that striped the freedom of women across the country. She was then appointed to the U.S Court of Appeals for the D.C Circuit by President Carter, and continued the rest of her career in law as Supreme Court Justice where she remains today. Ginsburg spent her entire career fighting for women’s rights. To this day, she continues to have millions of admirers which led to two movies that recently came out about her career: RBG Documentary and On the Basis of Sex. To ensure that everything from the story-line to the wardrobe was RBG approved, Ginsburg played a critical role in supervising the movie On the Basis of Sex because she wanted to help preserve the authenticity of the story. Ginsburg wore a lot of chic patterns, so we started the outfit with a cheetah print top. Then, we wanted to use the color green as another major piece to the outfit because that was a color that RBG wore a few times throughout the movie. It is also a color that can symbolize ambition. Many of the outfits RBG wore in the movie were very bright and colorful, therefore we paired the green pants with a mustard yellow bow and green and yellow earrings. RBG’s hair was styled with bows and headscarves quite a few times, so it was a great match for the outfit. So channel one of our favorite SHEroes today! Stylist: Aayesha Poudel Model: Eve Mclernon