Story by: Aayesha Poudel
Photos by: Dalvida Palmer

World renowned musician, actress, fashion icon, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Rihanna or “Ri-Ri” encompassed all of these roles in her career in the public eye. Rihanna rose to fame as one of the most celebrated musicians of the 21st century. Currently, Rihanna is the third most awarded female artist in history, earning her first Grammy Award for her hit song Umbrella. Alongside this, she’s been in movies such as Ocean’s 8 and has been a cover-girl for numerous magazines and brands.

But recently, she’s challenged the beauty industry to create more makeup products that are inclusive to all women of color with her line, Fenty Beauty. For years, makeup companies have offered a very minimal selection of foundation shades for their consumers. To make matters worse, most of these companies create an even more limited range of shades for women with darker skin tones. For most companies, it’s not a matter of if they can offer more colors, but really if they care enough to. Fenty beauty pioneered the industry with the focus of offering over 40 foundation colors from their launch. Not surprisingly, this created a ripple effect where companies such as Cover FX, Cover Girl, and Revlon created their own inclusive foundation lines. In just the launch of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna challenged the beauty industry to include more women of color.

Rihanna diversified her career in order to break barriers in both her personal businesses and the entertainment industry. But something else that Rihanna has always stood out on is her sense of style. RCFU was inspired by her daring, now iconic street style, and put together some looks to pay tribute to the Bag Gal herself.

In the first outfit, our model wears camouflage pants with a grey tube top and a blue-orange color block puffer jacket. For her accessories, she pairs the outfit with white chunky dad shoes and some rad sunglasses.

For her second outfit, the model wears a graphic t-shirt of the band Kiss which is paired with a grey camouflage jacket, black sweatpants and white chunky dad shoes. This time for her sunglasses, she wears neon blue sport sunglasses.

Both of the looks resonate with Rihanna’s personal style. She wears a lot of streetwear trends with bright colors, and is never afraid to go above and beyond with her style. Her style is very reflective of her personality and work. Rihanna is often seen as an unapologetic woman who is expressive and optimistic. She pushes boundaries, and this is often shown in her music and her brand Fenty Beauty along with in her personal style. The queen of music, makeup and fashion- Ri-Ri continues to prove that she can conquer just about anything.

Stylist: Jerrell Funtila
Model: Malanee Erenna

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