Story by: Marta Locklear

Photos by: Stanley Tran

Like every 90’s sitcom, Kids at Play is about a group of friends who are practically a family. Each episode tells a different story about their lives; they get in trouble, skip school, dress cool, and tackle life and the curveballs pitched at them together. The cast is always dressed in vintage and new street fashion, all purchased from the local Richmond store ROTATE.

The owners hand pick the items they buy from customers to maintain the store’s personal style and theme. The kids loves ROTATE because of its hip and chill aesthetic, and it’s one of the their go-to stops after school; they drink freezes and chat on the couch.

Let’s meet the Crew!

Meet Olly. Full name Olivia but the gang calls her Olly, it fits her tomboy style and chill personality better. Olly is the fashion inspiration for any gal who isn’t all about ruffles, dresses, and frills. Her favorite items in her closet are wide leg jeans and her Docs. She is known for adding a stand out accessory to a simple outfit to make it pop.

Meet Preston. Because he’s so creative and adventurous, Preston’s style is the edgiest out of the friend group. He likes to keep it classic and with black skinny jeans, matte black high tops, and a cool graphic tee. He likes to play with accessories and statement pieces like vests to stand out.

Meet Z. Every sitcom needs the cool guy with the cool name right? Z’s style matches just that. In this episode, Z rocks Georgetown track pants, an oversized hockey jersey, and Cool Grey 11s. As the star varsity basketball player at school Z keeps his style comfy and athletic, like a ball will be thrown his way any second, because it just might.

Meet Joshua. When he’s not rocking varsity track pants a graphic tee, the DMP 11s, and a making buckets on the court, He plays a big role in keeping the gang tight after silly debates and fights breakout.

They go to school, hang at ROTATE, shoot basketball, and skate all in one outfit. It’s the perfect combination of fashionable and practical.

Creative Direction: Jacynth Serrano Rodriguez

Stylists: Daniella Osuna, Jerrell Funtila

Models: Aaron Lai, Adriana DeRosa, James Bryce Settles, Tariq

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