Photographer: Adriana Brown
Written by: Marta Locklear
Models: Simi Gold, Nabiha Rais, Mia Jones, Sydney Heckman, Mindy Tran, and Nima Jawadian

There is something so beautiful about October. Like enjoying a walk around Hollywood Cemetery with your best friends, a picnic with hot apple cider and a guitar, and warm fall layers. 

Have some fun dates planned with your friends and need some outfit inspiration? This group of friends knows how to dress to impress. 

Here are some key elements to have ready to go in your fall wardrobe.

  1. A statement pair of boots that are easy to throw on with jeans and a sweater but elevate your outfit.
  2. A simple plaid skirt or plaid dress can go so far, especially paired with some tights and a white top to make it stand out.
  3. Warm tones like an orange dress is season but with it’s warm color tone pair it with a cardigan and you’re ready for date nights!

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