Fall is a time when the leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping and clothes are getting warmer. Fall steers away from bright and vibrant patterns to more simple ones with neutral and subdued colors that look amazing on anyone. 

At VCU, we pride ourselves on our diversity which carries into our students’ individual styles, ranging from sporty to casual to preppy looks. Stylist Tom Mai wanted to show how easy it is to represent VCU while keeping the fun fall fashion we all know. Barnes & Noble showcases how they have a range of VCU merchandise to fit anyone’s sense of style. Fall is a time where the layering of clothing is a must to stay warm. Having a quick pullover sweatshirt is essential to everyone’s fall fashion. 

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In this preppy look, there is a light-colored button-up with jeans paired with a warm VCU Rams sweatshirt. The simple layering of the sweatshirt took this summer outfit and made it into a fall one. As fall begins, it is also the beginning of VCU’s basketball season. Who said supporting your team couldn’t be fun and fashionable? The contrast between the white shirt and black shorts has a sense of familiarity while also making the VCU logo the main focus. The white top is loose and flowy to give more mobility to the outfit. 

However, nothing is more representative of fall than a flannel. In this look, she paired a black VCU shirt with a brown flannel and jeans. This look is stylish while also still having a high level of comfort. 

None of these styles have to exist on their own. Everyone has their own style that can complement one another to give everyone their own sense of identity. This fall find what creates your identity.

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