Written by: Sara Adeli
Photography by: Lorallye Partlow

While Richmond Fashion Week may not be as globally acclaimed as New York’s or Los Angeles’, it undeniably conveys a similar sense of vibrancy to celebrate local trends and designers. This is a city filled with history, culture, diversity, and— most importantly— some seriously delicious food. Above all, this city is adorned with an abundance of art, and fall fashion just happens to be this week’s prime masterpiece. 

The Fall Designer Show took place at the Dominion Energy Center and was the final event of RVA’s Fall Fashion Week. The event was an opportunity to showcase some of Virginia’s top models and emerging designers, as well as a couple of the city’s very own influencers. Luqman Haskett and Caroline Kalentzos, both of whom are fashion bloggers, emceed alongside one another for the show. 

Most of the featured collections were notable in their unique statements, while others were a bit more uninspired. The MK Vendetta collection was the most adventurous with textures. The garments featured lots of layered, sheer fabrics as well as sequins, studs, and lace. Additionally, it was one of the very few collections that included men’s wear. The brand Inceptual Sara was the star of smooth, glossy fabrics and certainly embraced the elegantly feminine woman.

The Tough Cookie was introduced as a line designed for ‘women who cannot and will not be broken’. The garments featured lots of ruched and ruffle detailing, the juxtaposition of contrasting patterns, and two bold signature colors: bright, Ferrari red and electric blue. During the last run of the collection, the designer of the brand strut the runway with gray sweats and a band T-shirt. Her choice of accessory? A young boy and a girl in each of her arms. The designer’s self-presentation relayed a deeply genuine and personal sentiment towards the mission of her line, and it was a touchingly beautiful way to conclude the collection.

Undoubtedly, the most memorable collection of the night belonged to Very Ashley. The brand seems to target the entrepreneurial businesswoman full of spunk and personality. Most pieces from the line incorporated traditional business wear with splashes of color or texture. While the apparel was versatile and fashion-forward, the component that made Very Ashley so striking was its inclusion of model diversity, both in shape and color. Co-host Luqman Huskett even commented, “Wow! This is the grown woman line right here.” All of the styled outfits were, without fail, complementary to the body and complexion of that particular model. 

Through this, it is evident that Very Ashley is doing something that needs to be mirrored within the entire fashion industry. The brand is not merely promoting diversity on a surface level, but they are consciously mindful of designing apparel that truly enhances and celebrates the beauty of all women.

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