Photography by: Adriana Brown
Written by: Caitlin Thompson
Model: Annie Miller

The ‘70s was a time of free spirits, good music, and political change. Stevie Nicks was a revolutionary presence in many aspects. She was a renowned singer in Fleetwood Mac while also pursuing a successful soloist career, writing her first song at 15 to winning three Grammys. She is also the only woman to have been inducted to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, which she has been inducted into twice now. Nicks has also ventured out into a few acting roles including “American Horror Story”. Her music and presence is still felt today. 

Back in the early ’70s when Stevie was becoming a household name, her fashion was distinctive and unique to her. She was known for her flowy clothes with organic patterns and a hint of spunk in them. Even as the years changed, Nicks never strayed from her own unique style. She was never afraid of adding ruffles or fringe to any outfit. Many of her styles are bookmarked as the pinnacle point of ‘70s fashion. 

In the first outfit, the model is wearing a white cropped long sleeve top with light denim jeans. The outfit is accessorized by a light brown belt, yellow moon earrings, and two necklaces. Her outfit encases Stevie Nicks’s fashion style in many aspects. The moon earrings are a subtle tribute to Nicks’ iconic yellow moon necklace which she still wears today. The fluidity of the top is reminiscent of Nicks’s love for flowy clothes. 

In this outfit, the model is showcasing the darker side of Nicks fashion sense with a long dark patterned skirt and a black strappy tank top. This outfit was also paired with a white cardigan. She accessorized by adding a black short-brimmed hat, two necklaces, and yellow moon earrings. 

From Stevie Nicks music to her fashion there is a lot we can learn from her. Nicks always had a free flow and uniqueness to her that inspired many. She has shown us being yourself is something important and can be shared through music or fashion. In the wise words of Stevie Nicks herself, “I hope you find a love. Your own designs of love.”

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