Written By: Caitlin Thompson
Photographed by: Adriana Brown

When we look back on the ‘70s most of us think about disco balls, fun outfits, and great music. LaDonna Adrian Gaines, more known by her stage name Donna Summer is considered by many as the “Queen of Disco”. Donna Summer has had a very successful music career, she got big in the late 1970s. In her entire career, she has had a total of 42 singles on US Billboards Hot 100, 14 of which made it to the top ten. She is also a renowned actor, acting in the traveling cast of Hair. Overall, Donner Summer has a powerful presence. 

Donna Summer has always had a strong fashion presence in her time of fame. Her style was ever-changing, she never stuck to one style for too long. She could wear a flowy simple outfit one day then the next, have a floor-length sequined dress. She never strayed away from trying new looks, many of her fashion risks became bookmarks in major fashion styles of the ‘70s. As her career continued on past the ‘70s she continued to take fashion risks. Many of her styles are praised and continue to be iconic.

In the first outfit, the model is wearing a long-sleeve white shirt with light blue ripped jeans with darker blue denim covering where the rips are. The outfit is accessorized by the white flower in her hair and a variety of necklaces. This showcases Donner Summer’s simpler fashion style. The white shirt is reminiscent of Summer’s earlier fashion with its simple shape but a bit of flair with its design. 

With this outfit, the model is showing Summer’s unique and fun side. The model is wearing a nude color top with a short-haired fur coat and this outfit is accessorized with a beautiful white flower crown and a few simple necklaces. 

Donna Summer has shown us it is okay to explore our own idea of fashion. Summer’s fierceness and fearlessness to try new styles have influenced many of the fashion styles we see from her time. I cannot say it better than Donna herself, “I don’t really try to predict what can and will happen with things. Sometimes you think something’s gonna be a huge success, and it isn’t. And sometimes you pay no attention to something whatsoever.”

Modeled by Rickaya Sykes

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