Far Out in the 60s

Far Out In The Sixties Vibrant and bold colors, silhouettes that catch the eye seemingly without trying, and patterns that make you question what time period you’re really in – these are all aspects of the infamous 1960s Mod Fashion.  A bright sunny day in Richmond was nothing short of ideal for the shoot – […]

Trend Tuesday: Leopard Print

Trend Tuesday: Leopard Print This week we’re highlighting the never-ending phenomenon of animal print, specifically, leopard. Critics and lovers of the iconic pattern have argued throughout the decades whether or not leopard deserves to come back into cycle season after season. We’re here to say it rightfully deserves its place in fashion, and it’s something […]

Never Too Old to Play With Dolls

Never Too Old to Play With Dolls After a brief childhood of being taught to scorn the concept of girlishness, we as a generation are finally ready to embrace and love the color pink. This theme of the childlike innocence of the doll has been highly present in this spring’s couture shows- predominantly with Maison […]

Bag Galore!

Bag Galore! From the dawn of time, bags have been used to carry the most vital necessities from coins to phones to the latest Fenty lip gloss. As pockets shrink and expand through trend cycles, bags adapt to carry varying accessories. While bags were originally made for practically, they have turned into an individualistic fashion […]

Wardrobe Wednesday: Meghna’s Spin On Sleek Style

Wardrobe Wednesday: Meghna’s Spin On Sleek Style Virginia Commonwealth University alum, Meghna Vemuri, proudly shared her meticulously crafted collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. Describing her style as playful, eclectic and sleek, Vemuri checks all the boxes as someone inspired by Bella Hadid and the Y2K Bollywood scene. Mixing textures, styles, and patterns are the key […]

Wardrobe Wednesday: Sadie’s Spectacular Style

Wardrobe Wednesday: Sadie’s Spectacular Style Fashion merchandising alum, Sadie Kinzer, took us on a journey through her style evolution in the way of vintage hats, thrifted boots, and classic turtlenecks. From growing up in Kenya to playing dress up with her American girl dolls, Kinzer reminisces on her first memories in the fashion world and […]