Thrifting Your Halloween Costume With Buffalo Exchange

Thrifting Halloween Costumes With Buffalo Exchange By: Caitlin Thompson October 24, 2022 Whether you want to be a spooky witch, werewolf, or even a Spice Girl this Halloween, Buffalo Exchange has got you covered! Buffalo Exchange is a local buy, sell, and trade thrift store located in the Cary Court Shopping area in Carytown. Thrifting your […]

MamerSass: Streetwear But Make It Sustainable

BY EBONIQUE LITTLE PHOTOGRAPHS BY DOM KHUN;STYLISTS: ANNIE MILLER, KAYLEE AHN AND NABIHA RAIS Based in Chincoteague, Virginia and expanding its reach to Richmond, vintage boutique MamerSass Reinvented Fashions provides the ultimate guide on repurposed streetwear. While daily Americans waste thirteen million pounds of textiles, MamerSass is shifting the fashion industry as owners Jamey Brittingham […]

Jewelry Gets Astrological: Sun and Selene

BY AMINA AYOUD AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY SAMANTHA SON; STYLIST: CHRISTINA VEHAMUA & HAIR: CHARLOTTE FINN & ANNA VANCHERI RICHMOND Va- Everybody needs a go-to jewelry piece. A good necklace or ring can spice up a bland outfit in no time. From gold to silver, with so much to choose from, it can be hard to find […]

Brick & Mortar Launches Fashionable (and Instagrammable) Coffee Hub

BY SYDNEY HECKMAN AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY DOM KHUN; STYLIST: DANIELLA OSUNA & CHRISTINA VEHA RICHMOND, VA– RCFU highlights the local company Brick & Mortar in their newest fashion collaboration. The company is centered around sustainable and philanthropic efforts. They describe themselves as ethical and homemade in addition to other things, “…functional design, sustainable style, and […]

Falling into a New Season with Barnes & Noble

Fall is a time when the leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping and clothes are getting warmer. Fall steers away from bright and vibrant patterns to more simple ones with neutral and subdued colors that look amazing on anyone.  At VCU, we pride ourselves on our diversity which carries into our students’ individual […]

How to Be Cool for the Summer with Urban Outfitters

What do we love most about summer? The days get longer, and brighter, and hotter, in more ways than one. Summer provides us the chance to live more than we have in finicky months of winter and early spring. It’s also the perfect time for mixing and matching various textures like sensual satin, or practical […]

How Fab’rik is Redefining the “Gal on the Go”

Today, a girl boss can be a single mother who works hard for her kids. A girl boss can also be a college student who doesn’t know where they want to end up, but is constantly challenging herself to figure that out. The women we should look up to today aren’t a cookie cutter version […]