RCF’s guide to Roadtripping: Vintage and Secondhand in VA

RCF’s guide to Roadtripping: Vintage and Secondhand in VA Whether you’re Thelma and Louise or Bonnie and Clyde, take Virginia’s scenic byways by storm with our personal guide to a killer (pun intended) roadtrip. “Growing up I would always listen to my dad’s 70s music. And growing up as a Mexican on the west coast, there’s always been a slight western influence that came from my older family members- like bowleros, lots of denim, cowboy boots, hats, etc.,” said Creative Director Carolina Gomez.   Western Americana and the sense of exploration radiate from the photographs captured in the greenery of Barker Fields. With 70’s influence, models lounge in brown corduroy flares and lots and lots of crochet. Freedom and discovery are the essence of the road trip. With a car and a roadmap, discover the hidden boutiques and flea markets Virginia has to offer. With the edgy Saturn Return and Boho to Go, Richmond itself is bursting at the seams with vintage and second hand stores. Moving outside of River City, stroll through the Hillsville Flea Market on their enormous Memorial day and Labor day weekend markets or go to Verona and check out Factory Antiques, the biggest antique mall in America. Global Threadz & Thriftz, located in Fredericksburg, is a hidden gem of high quality curated vintage. Finally, peruse Vintage Mirage in Alexandria, which is a treasure trove of nostalgic pieces. Grab your partners in crime, a stack of iconic CDs and a suitcase of marvelously mysterious attire- leaving room of course for what you pick up along the course of your travels. Photographed by Summer Deciucis Modeled by Carolina Granja, Caera Harrison, Jaylyn Johnson, Lealani Vila & Luke Wilder Creative Direction: Carolina Gomez Creative Team: Alyssa Carman and Kristina Wise

Elementor #28323

Tales Of The Rockstar Girlfriend Smokey makeup, effortless charisma and grunge fashion are just some of the reasons everyone wants to harness the look of the rockstar girlfriend. All aspects of this style are alluring; it’s the older, cooler sister of the hyper feminine 2000s aesthetic, which is also making a comeback. But is it a bad name for a good trend?  The title immediately places the girlfriend as an accessory to her rockstar counterpart, attributing all aspects of her look to the support of her partner. The entire trope of this aesthetic is how cool the girlfriend looks at rehearsals, during concerts, and even at after parties. None of this includes the partner, so why bother including them? The rockstar (girlfriend) has all the traits of an it-girl. She is effortlessly cool with an easy-going personality, a knack for lighting up the room, and the grungiest closet around.  But where did this trend come from?   With fashion being evolutionary, not revolutionary, this trend is not new. The rockstar girlfriend look is almost synonymous to the punk revolution of the 1970s, fueled by style icon Vivienne Westwood. The punk movement was catalyzed by the prolonged decline in the socioeconomic status of 1970s Britain. Increased unemployment, lack of opportunities, and an overall loss of motivation in younger generations caused the punk subculture to express their disdain in society and their rejection of the social norm through their fashion. Punk music also evolved as a result, with the birth of bands such as The Clash, and more importantly female-led punk groups like The Runaways and The Raincoats.  While the rockstar aesthetic of 2024 is very subdued in comparison to that of the 70s, the reasoning for both revolutions are nearly identical. The current socioeconomic status of the world is a direct reflection of what they were facing 50 years ago. Additionally with increased focus on and overconsumption of the “clean girl” aesthetic, it makes sense why a movement with so much personality is reclaiming popularity.   No matter the reasoning, the rockstar girlfriend trend has made impressive strides in assuming a top spot among popular aesthetics. We know her, we love her, and a lot of us want to be her. But what if the girlfriend just wants to be the rockstar? Female rock icons like Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith, and Deborah Harry all are proof that you don’t need to be the girlfriend of a rockstar to encompass this aesthetic.    To all the lovers of the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic, don’t be afraid to be the rockstar. 

Wardrobe Wednesday: Ryan’s Ritzy Attire

Wardrobe Wednesday: Ryan’s Ritzy Attire Richmond native, Ryan Carson, took us on a tour of her expansive and curated closet, or glam room more like. Following the likeness of her favorite style influencers @madisonxwild and @briidgetbrown, Carson has her own set of unique staple items and outfit formulas. Carson describes her specific style as “chic” and “feminine” as she’s drawn to silky tops and long skirts. She’s also not afraid of accessorizing to give life to an outfit; her favorite sidekicks coming in the form of silver jewelry and patterned scarves. From trying on her mom’s vintage heels as a little girl, to adding Sandy Liang’s newest sling backs to her wishlist, Carson has always been drawn to fashion. This fashion merchandising alum grew up grasping trends right at her fingertips by playing every styling game available on her treasured Nintendo DS. Carson went on to expand her fashion horizon through experimenting with her school outfits. She reminisces on how confident she felt putting on certain pieces that she wouldn’t even touch today as her style has evolved and grown. Carson even keeps a reminder of her start in fashion in the form of her dad’s letterman jacket. Carson defines her style evolution as a “learning process,” as she continues to draw inspiration from all sectors of the fashion industry. She loves to second-hand shop, either consignment or vintage, because of this. Carson enjoys finding older brands to show off in combination with her trendy pieces. She’s not exclusive when it comes to where she buys her unique pieces however. Carson loves a good sale! She has become a master of mixing and matching garments to fit her aesthetic. No matter what new patterns or elements come in and out of the fashion world, one thing is for sure: Carson will never go out of style!

Trend Tuesday: Burgundy

Trend Tuesday: Burgundy If we’ve learned anything from the Spring 2024 runway, it’s that burgundy is the new it color for the foreseeable future. A deeper, richer shade of the red that everyone’s closets were full of in the fall. Shown in collections by Kim Shui, Gucci, Hermès, Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and more in all different forms. Jump onto the new burgundy wave with 2 piece sets, leather jackets, dresses, handbags, shoes, the perfect shade of lipstick, or any other accessories that call your name. Pair the statement color with brighter colors for a striking contrast, or make it a full monochromatic look to channel these designer’s runway looks.  A Look At The Runway In Gucci’s Spring 2024 ready-to-wear show in Milan Fashion Week, we caught a glimpse of their new shade – Gucci Rosso. Any guesses of what it looks like? You’d be correct if you suspected it’s spring’s new favorite: burgundy. The collection that Gucci Rosso is featured in is led by creative director Sabato De Sarno, this show marking his debut for Gucci. In the show we see burgundy paired with neutrals such as gray, white and brown, but it’s also shown with a staple from Gucci – bright yellows and green. Gucci Rosso is not only shown through garments, it’s also walking the runway in heels and platform loafers, as well as on the arms of the models in the iconic Jackie bag. Highlighted among Gucci’s new collection is Hermès and their Spring/Summer 2024 ready-to-wear collection.  This was displayed in Paris during their extravagant show of models walking through what looked like real-life meadows under golden daylight. Hermès creative director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski shared with Vogue Runway that the colors of the show are “actually those of the leather goods.” Burgundy, or if you’re referring to Hermès, Rouge H, was a centerpiece of the show. Similar to Gucci, Rouge H was shown in all forms and with all different silhouettes – long jackets, skirts, jumpsuit sets, dresses, handbags and more.  While the pieces and examples mentioned in this article are from luxury designers, don’t let that intimidate you from finding your own burgundy this season. Thrifting is the best way to find unique pieces at a realistic and sustainable price. Whether it’s a new leather jacket, or a simple pair of kitten heels, burgundy is guaranteed to spice up any outfit.

Nathalie’s Sentimental Secondhand Style

Nathalie’s Sentimental Secondhand Style Sleek style and flirty femininity come together seamlessly in junior Fashion Merchandising student, Nathalie Santis’ closet. While incorporating classics and staples in her wardrobe, Santis’ style is far from basic. Accessories shine in her collection; from bags to belts to the perfect shoes. Nathalie often plays with classic silhouettes and elevates outfits with dimensional texture. She ensures each of her looks is completed with her favorite jewelry, and a hat if she’s feeling bold. With personal style icons such as the princess of fashion, Bella Hadid, and the iconic 2000s style of the Olsen twins, there is never a shortage of inspiration.   For Santis, picking out an outfit for the day is often an hour of dress up; soundtracked by Madonna’s biggest hits booming from her iPod’s speaker. She transports back to her first fashion memory of playing dress up in her mom’s closet; instead these are now her clothes that she gets to explore. With the exception of a few pairs of her moms vintage shoes and hand-me-down 2000s clothes; some things never change.   She is truly a Bratz doll come to life, with her never ending trove of accessories, and the rarity of her repeating an outfit. Nathalie puts meticulous time and effort into each of her looks, and you’ll never catch her dressed down (especially in her fashion arch nemesis, leggings).  All of her clothing holds value, whether it’s something she picked up at the thrift store on her monthly shopping trips, or a pre-loved garment that was passed down from her mom’s best friends. Santis has effortlessly perfected her style, which she describes as trendy, neutral and chic, with the help of her style icons and beloved family members. 

Wardrobe Wednesday: Dyanna’s Designer Dream

Wardrobe Wednesday: Dyanna’s Designer Dream Dyanna Gamarro, the fashion it-girl of Richmond, has a to-die-for collection of kitten heels, blazers, and trendy accessories. This fashion merchandising senior describes her style as young, chic and feminine with a plentiful closet to prove it. The fun color palette in her garments keeps her style playful as she combines them with vintage household names. Drawing inspiration from the one and only Carrie Bradshaw, Gamarro’s shoe collection ranges from thrifted Manolos to almost-brand new Ralph Lauren boots. Gamarro thrives in second hand shops, both in person and online. While some may say a diamond is a girl’s best friend, Gamarro’s go to confidant is second hand designer sites, like the RealReal. Gamarro loves to spend her free time browsing one of a kind pieces and adding them to her wishlist. She’s also a professional thrifter. One of her most unique finds thus far has been two Mugler powersuits from a local Goodwill. One of her favorite 80’s pieces, however, doesn’t come from her hard work in searching, instead a hand-me-down plaid skirt from her mother’s 80s archive. While it may take her awhile to put an outfit together, Dyanna never forgets her accessories and a pair of heels. She can always be seen wearing a statement purse, and sometimes even heard, walking in a pair of her hottest high heels. As she struts down memory lane reminiscing on some of her fashion regrets, Gamarro looks onward to achieving her dream of purchasing her very own Birkin.

Wardrobe Wednesday: Julia’s Whimsical Wardrobe

Wardrobe Wednesday: Julia’s Whimsical Wardrobe The culture of 90s fashion is ever present in VCU sophomore Julia Karns’ closet. With style icons from prominent 90s and early 2000s pop culture such as Lorelai Gilmore, Buffy Summers, and Jackie Burkhart, Julia’s wardrobe is nothing short of exceptional. Filled with classic silhouettes, rich earth tones, and soft grunge pieces, Julia’s closet pays homage to the illustrious decade which brought us the whimsigoth aesthetic.   Karns’ has a knack for highlighting sleek, feminine elements, while adding flair with unique, grungy pieces; she does this through her collection of romantic, floral maxi skirts, never-ending leather jackets, and one of a kind accessories. Julia’s day to day staples include her classic, black Jeffrey Campbell platform boots, and her quintessential shade of wine colored lipstick which rounds off any look.   Making outfits her own has been routine for Karns since she was 7-years-old; dressing up in a burnt orange corduroy suit, in lieu of a party dress. Julia’s wardrobe is full of personality and spunk from her vast collection of shoes, to her reservoir of vintage outerwear.    Julia’s stockpile of thrifted jewelry, belts, and curated handbags allows her to truly wear her clothes, instead of her clothes wearing her. Whether she dreams up an outfit days in advance, or spends hours going through her closet swearing she has nothing to wear, Julia consistently looks put together, thanks to her closet full of curated, quality garments.    Karns effortlessly showcases her individuality through her one of a kind wardrobe, and continuously absorbs inspiration from new and old pop-culture. (Very) frequent thrifting trips have allowed Julia to perfect the sport that is sourcing vintage clothing. Resulting in a wardrobe with everything she could want (of course not counting her dream Ganni ballet flats).