NYFW: Trends for Your Spring/Summer Wardrobes

NYFW: Trends for Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe It is that time of the year again, as fashion designers from around the world bring their Spring/Summer 2024 designs to New York Fashion Week. From September 7th to September 13th, models took to the runway to show new designs. This year’s shows focused on mixing authenticity with the maximalism that the audience knows to be luxury fashion, getting back to the root of “everyone can wear this, but still look chic” clothing. Out of all the brilliant designs seen on the runway this year, these five trends are predicted to make a splash in everyone’s spring/summer wardrobes.  Ribbons/Bows The childlike accessory has been seen taking social media by storm and isn’t stopping at the runways. Mirror Palais incorporated bows into many designs, embracing the newly popular “ballet core” aesthetics. Some looks included bows in the hair, on the shoes, as neckties and even as print designs on a shirt. Sheer and Lacy The trend of wearing almost transparent clothing out-and-about has already been taken off on social media, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Michael Kors took the lead on this trend with a floral lace twist. The runway featured black and white lace dresses with two pieces that left little to the imagination.  Golden Metallics Next summer, designers are encouraging people to shine like the sun itself. Designers, like Ralph Lauren, are showing that gold is quickly replacing the metallic silver that we are used to seeing on the previous runways.  1920s Throwback Like most trends, they cycle from previous years. The 1920s are making their comeback with a drop waist (waistline appearing at the hips rather than the waist) silhouette, seen in Christian Siriano’s collection. Chunky Earrings We have seen chunky earrings gain popularity earlier this month with the Bottega Veneta Drop Earrings, and we are seeing it again on and off the runway at New York Fashion Week. Etro was among many of the shows to bring these statement pieces to life, but the new jewelry trend was also seen on many attendees of the shows as well. 

Plus Size Representation At NYFW 2023, And Why We Need More.

Plus Size Representation and Why We Need More With another New York Fashion Week in the books, we saw a multitude of exemplary collections, inventive shows, and endured yet another season of failed plus size representation.  The comeback of early 2000s fashion has not only brought back low-rise waistlines, micro-mini skirts, and high-contrast color pallets; the Y2K body has returned and is more sought after than ever before. Being unattainably tall, and impossibly thin are the two main traits of the “ideal” runway body, and while there are a plethora of models who naturally look that way, we need to embrace other bodies as well. Over the last 20 years, our society has evolved in nearly every other capacity; it’s time we ditch a 20 year old beauty standard. Each year that goes by, it’s more apparent that most designers want bodies that fit their clothes, they don’t want to make clothes that fit every body. Brands should not be ticking an ethical box of inclusivity by only including one or two plus size models; they should want to rewrite the fashion industry narrative. After all, they set the rules.  During this year’s NYFW, Selkie delivered the most diverse show, and arguably the most entertaining. Not only did they highlight plus-size bodies, they also held space for models of all ages, genders, and abilities. Instead of bodies being used simply as garment racks, it felt as if the clothing items were made for every model, making the pieces even more alluring. Throughout the show, there were a number of almost theatrical performances, and even a touch of burlesque. Selkie deserves its applause for another year of progressive runway casting. Christian Siriano similarly embraced more plus-sized models during his 15th anniversary show this season, sporting a collection full of “ballerina chic” looks. Siriano has been a lead trendsetter in making his runways and collections more size inclusive. He told Elle Magazine in 2018, “Adding plus sizes to my line tripled my business. Why wouldn’t you do that?! Do we not want to triple the business? Do we not think these women should wear our clothes? Do we not want these women to have beautiful things because we’re afraid they’re not beautiful? What is going on here?”

The Best, The Worst and the Most…Something Looks of the 2023 Oscars

The Best, The Worst and the Most…Something Looks of the 2023 Oscars By: Sydney Robinson March 12th was the 95th Academy awards and it was a historical night for many reasons. Everything Everywhere All at Once Swept the major categories, Michelle Yeoh became the second woman of color and first Asian woman to ever win Best Actress, Ruth E. Carter became the first black woman to ever win more than one Academy Award, and Jamie Lee Curtis won Best Supporting Actress to everyone’s disappointment. But in a more shocking development, this year’s red carpet looks were overwhelmingly good, in a stunning departure from years past. Let’s break down the best, worst and most “something” looks of this year. BEST: Fan Bing Bing The reclusive actress wore a billowy Tony Ward couture gown to the ceremony this year, creating a bold silhouette and effectively wiping her tax evasion scandal from all of our minds. WORST: Florence Pugh Florence utilized the same billowy fabric look for her outfit this year, but unfortunately instead of looking like avant garde art it just looks like she’s carrying a pile of laundry. Another miss in a long string of bad outfits this season, clearly she needs to break up with her stylist. Most Something: Elizabeth Banks In a third example of this massive fabric motif, we have Cocaine Bear director Elizabeth Banks. This dress is…a lot but I can’t hate it mostly because I can’t hate her. Cocaine Bear for Best Picture 2024! Best: Bailey Bass Avatar: The Way of Water – and more importantly, Interview With The Vampire – star Bailey bass stunned in a champagne colored gown. At only 19 years old she has cemented herself as not only an acting powerhouse, but a fashion one as well. Worst: Allison Williams As a lover of the queen of camp cringe I’m devastated to have to say it, but this dress is hideous. Miss Williams you are too beautiful to be subjected to this! I want better for you! Most Something: Ana De Armas Since the original Marilyn Monroe happy birthday dress is now ruined and sitting in a Ripley’s vault somewhere – thanks Kim Kardashian – De Armas was forced to settle for a boring knock off. The dress isn’t ugly really, just deeply boring, but I suppose it just reflects her performance in Blonde. Best: Sandra Oh Not only did she look like a stunning Greek goddess, Miss Oh has boldly refused to fall victim to the “no necklace” plague we’re currently experiencing on red carpets. I could talk about this look for days, and I probably will. Worst: Andrea Riseborough This dress had potential, but it washes her out and feels like it clashes against the more punk haircut she’s currently sporting. Personally, it feels like this look is karma for committing category fraud to get herself a Best Actress nomination. Most Something: Eva Longoria I actually see the vision for this one, and I think if it was slightly less busy it would have worked beautifully. The art deco disco ball style dress is wearing her though, she’s not wearing it. Best: Ariana Debose Ariana’s look feels like the more mature and put together version of Eva’s. The toned down sequining feels cohesive and the dress fits her much better. Worst: Lady Gaga While Miss Germonatta is most likely descending into method acting madness while filming Joker 2, it seems she’s brought that insanity to the red carpet. The Dior inspired drop waist just doesn’t work on her short stature, but her hair and makeup look great. I’d recognize that Haus Labs liquid lipstick anywhere. Honorable Mentions: Jessie Buckley The punky sequined Victorian style dress looks great on the Women Talking star. Cara Delevigne Looking stunning in red, Cara reminds us why she was the it girl of our collective teenage years. Malala Yousafzai Looking absurdly beautiful in a glittering hooded gown, Malala makes a good argument for giving her another Nobel prize, this time for fashion.

VCU Becoming: Fashion Show Review​

If there’s one thing VCU has in abundance, its beautiful and talented students. This fact was best on display at this week’s Homecoming fashion show, “Becoming”. Helmed by VCU organization Heels Inc, this show was a vibrant display of fashion and culture in the VCU and greater Richmond communities.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Outfits For Any Occasion​

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Outfits For Any Occasion By: Caitlin Thompson Love is in the air this Valentine’s! Whether you are staying in or going out this Valentine’s day, it’s the perfect excuse to dress up. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we have curated cupid-approved last-minute Valentine’s day looks. Kate is making a statement in her lipstick kissed white blouse. She paired the blouse with fuchsia pants and light pink pumps. Sticking with minimal makeup and a pink lipstick completes this adorable look.  This Valentine’s Madelyn wants to be bold. She is styled in an oversized white shirt with an equally oversized red leather jacket. To keep a romantic feel she added white lace tights and red heels. We all love to hear drama that isn’t our own and Dyanna is definitely receiving interesting info this Galentine’s. In her pursuit to be in the know Dyanna is styled in a mouth graphic tee and a cardigan with the collar and cuffs in a fluffy fur. The bright red pumps with ruffle socks and black mini skirt tie the look together.  Keeping it classy Kate is styled in a minimalistic black dress with pink piping at the top. Paired with pink pumps and big pearl bracelet.  Choosing the cutesy route, Madelyn is styled in an adorable pink bear sweater with ribbon bows along the sleeves. Paired with a white skirt, lace tights, and leg warmers gives her an angelic feeling.  Spending Valentine’s at home by yourself can be so freeing. Indulge yourself in all of your favorite things like chocolate or even Sex in the City.  Having a fun night in with friends is always a good option for Valentine’s. Wear your cutest and softest pajamas and maybe even have a heart pillow fight. Photographer: Carolina Gomez Stylist: Sydney Robinson Models: Madelyn Carter, Dyanna Gamarro, & Kate Gaudio Editor in Chief: Caitlin Thompson Creative Director: Carolina Gomez Fashion Director: Madden Cook

Transitional Fall Must-Have’s

Transitional Fall Must-Have’s By: Bria Roberts November 2, 2022 Fall has always been a favorite season for many reasons, one being the endless possibilities of new and innovative Fall fashion fits it has to offer. Autumn sets the tone for stylistic trends in the new school year and incorporates clothing pieces from each season.    So how do you create the perfect transitional fall fashion outfit?  Here are some tips! When choosing what to wear at this time of year, keep in mind that the shifting autumnal weather and mood allow for the most versatility and exploration in styling. Fall is all about comfort, bring some of your favorite comforting Summer items like a breezy skirt or a playful tank. Everyone has these fashion basics in their wardrobe that can easily be buildable for those cooler Fall days.  Swapping your colorful platform sandals for comfy furry boots or darker-toned platform shoes are easy ways to start incorporating fall trends into your wardrobe, as well as incorporating textured pieces into your outfits, like faux leather and fuzzy accents.  Another tip is when in doubt, layer it out. Some of our favorite layering pieces this season are chunky, knit cardigans and cozy leg warmers. Accessories are also another essential part of any outfit. Opting for more elegant and classic jewelry, like pearls and gold accents can completely change the vibe of any outfit.  When all else fails, denim and earth tones are the go-to transitional fall wardrobe essentials. These stylistic factors never go out of style and are easy communicators of incoming colder weather and comfy vibes.  Fall fashion is all about experimentation. Make sure that whatever you wear is an extension of your personal style that makes you feel confident and ready to take on the day.  Editor in Chief: Caitlin Thompson Creative Director: Carolina Gomez Fashion Director: Madden Cook Photographer: Mary Rushforth Stylist: Sydney Robinson Models: Jada King, Madelyn Carter, & Maddie Martin Follow us on Instagram!

Thrifting Your Halloween Costume With Buffalo Exchange

Thrifting Halloween Costumes With Buffalo Exchange By: Caitlin Thompson October 24, 2022 Whether you want to be a spooky witch, werewolf, or even a Spice Girl this Halloween, Buffalo Exchange has got you covered! Buffalo Exchange is a local buy, sell, and trade thrift store located in the Cary Court Shopping area in Carytown. Thrifting your costume is a great way to shop sustainably this Halloween season. In collaboration with Buffalo Exchange we created a 2022 thrifted halloween lookbook. If you are in need of last minute costume ideas we have got you covered! All of these costumes came from our own closet or thrifted from Buffalo Exchange.  Be as heavenly as Madelyn in this fairytale angel costume. Just look for a white flowy dress and white wings! Connect with your inner 1920’s flapper girl. Erin is styled in this amazing black flapper, lace gloves, and a headband. Madeline channeled all of her spooky energy into being a witch. To be this spooky find a black dress and a big witch hat. Grr! Marr is scaring everyone in this werewolf costume. Furry leg warmers really pull the costume together. If you’re a sports fan Jada’s New York Knicks costume would be a great way to show support for your favorite team. Erin is channeling our favorite spice girl, Ginger Spice, wearing her iconic Union jack dress. Barbie stands no chance next to Madelyn’s beautiful doll costume! Having a big skirt and rigid movements is the key. Marr is on their way to save the day! Make any all-back outfit into a bat woman costume with a bat on your chest. Arrrgghhh! Jada is stunning in this adorable pirate costume. Bringing a fun prop along can really tie any look together. In the mystical world of Harry Potter Erin would be the best Gryffindor student. Stick to the color palette that matches your Harry Potter house. Madeleine is ready to get her groove on in this spunky 80s costume. Bright colors and tight clothes are the keys to nailing any 80s look.  Be more sustainable this halloween season and shop second-hand with Buffalo Exchange! Stylist: Sydney Robinson Photographer: Julie Dinh Models: Madelyn Carter, Madeline Martin, Erin Wardlaw, Jada King, & Marr Hovastak Creative Director: Carolina Gomez Fashion Director: Madden Cook Buffalo Exchange Follow us on Instagram!