Queen of Disco: Donna Summer

Written By: Caitlin ThompsonPhotographed by: Adriana Brown When we look back on the ‘70s most of us think about disco balls, fun outfits, and great music. LaDonna Adrian Gaines, more known by her stage name Donna Summer is considered by many as the “Queen of Disco”. Donna Summer has had a very successful music career, […]

The One Who Can Do It All, Stevie Nicks

Photography by: Adriana BrownWritten by: Caitlin ThompsonModel: Annie Miller The ‘70s was a time of free spirits, good music, and political change. Stevie Nicks was a revolutionary presence in many aspects. She was a renowned singer in Fleetwood Mac while also pursuing a successful soloist career, writing her first song at 15 to winning three […]

Eartha Kitt: The Woman Who Taught Us It’s Okay to be Evil

Photography: Adriana BrownStory: Adriana Brown “My recipe for life is not being afraid of myself, afraid of what I think or of my opinion.”– Eartha Kitt As we look back on fashion decades’ past, we tend to revel in the retro styles that our parents and grandparents wore. We love the yellowed pages of family […]

The Grace to our Frankie: Jane Fonda

It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy.-Jane Fonda Story by: Aayesha PoudelPhotography by: Anna Debald As we grow older, we often question if we are still able to accomplish the goals that we want to do, or if we should just stick with our current […]

Women’s HERstory Month: On the Basis of Style

Story by: Aayesha PoudelPhotos by: Dalvida Palmer Imagine being a female graduate from a top tier law school during a time where the career field is completely dominated by men. Imagine majority of employers are reluctant to hire you because they believe that women are too weak, maternal or generally incapable. Now imagine, you are […]

Women’s HerStory Month: We Copied Rihanna’s Cool Girl Street Style

Story by: Aayesha PoudelPhotos by: Dalvida PalmerWorld renowned musician, actress, fashion icon, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Rihanna or “Ri-Ri” encompassed all of these roles in her career in the public eye. Rihanna rose to fame as one of the most celebrated musicians of the 21st century. Currently, Rihanna is the third most awarded female artist in […]

Playing with Purpose

Recognized for being the former No. 1 ranked tennis player and the first female athlete to win over $100,000 in prize money, King was also one of the first openly gay athletes, as well as an outspoken feminist. King’s most renowned matches, called “Battle of the Sexes” was against the former No. 1 ranked tennis […]